Peer Reviews

Bureau of Land Management Field Office Manager Steve Addington “I have worked with Dwight for the past three years on a complex land exchange. He has in-depth knowledge of land tenure adjustment issues, land exchange procedures, T&E/habitat management, archaeological issues and the NEPA/EA process.”

Bureau of Land Management Branch Chief of Land’s David McIlnay “I have always found you to be a person interested in public land management. I have always found you to be courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. The land exchanges we have completed as a result of your efforts and work have been done professionally and promptly.”

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Public Land Exchange Services

Private Sector

There are numerous reasons why a private land owner should use a public land exchange as a vehicle to dispose of their property. The land may be so environmentally sensitive that it would be cost prohibitive to develop, or because of the endangered species act, it would be against regulations and ordinances to develop at all. The land owner may be interested in preserving it in its natural state and would like to preserve it in perpetuity. The land could be land locked by government owned property and the land owner cannot obtain legal access.  Or the land could be land locked due to the lack of physical access because of the topography. Another reason is that the land may be an “in fill” parcel in a preserve, national park, national monument or a designated wilderness area.

Whatever the reason, we are experienced and extremely knowledgeable on the complex nature of public land exchanges. We have years of experience in working with these types of complicated real estate transactions.  We, as a company, can work with the land owner as a facilitator to the exchange, joint venture with the land owner, brokerage the exchange or purchase the property out right as the proponent.

Public Sector

There are several reasons a public land owner would choose to use us in order to complete an exchange rather then use “in house” staff. With our vast experience involving public land exchanges we are fully aware of the lack of government staff and financial resources available to complete the exchange in a timely and economic manner. Our company could serve as the facilitator and or the proponent for the exchange. As we have done with past exchanges, where we were the proponent, we paid for most of the studies that support the documents in order to write the Environmental Assessment. We have also paid for the MAI narrative appraisals and in some exchanges we have paid for some of the governmental reviews.

Federal Land Exchange Flow Chart